You get to ride them all around Azeroth so why not take them home as well? Buy WoW Gold Get your own Wind Rider Cub and Gryphon Hatchling plushies via the online Blizzard Store. The $25 cost might seem steep for a toy, but each purchase also gives a code for a bind-on-account virtual pet. There are no faction restrictions for both pets so grab both if you can. This leaves us with the damage dealers, which Ghostcrawler admitted as needing the most work in terms of PvE balancing. This is not surprising given that more than half of all specs in the game are damage dealers, but what players are furious about are the allegedly wide gaps in performance between top DPS and bottom rung DPS specs. Meanwhile, PvP balance has gone to a less burst-dominated paradigm with the decreased strength of Mortal Strike debuffs and larger health pools. The focus of developers now is devising possible nerfs to offensive dispels like Purge and Spellsteal, which have been deemed “too powerful” in the current match-ups. Crowd control, interrupts and self-healing effects might also get reduced duration in the next round of patches.