To me it just makes sense. I can either spend the free time I have available after work (and between raids) farming eternals, Rhino Meat, or any of the billion things that sell on the auction house, or I can buy some gold and continue on with my day. But when you spend some time thinking about the Time versus Cost aspect, buying gold from a safe provider (we always recommend makes perfect sense. Take Rhino meat for instance. Because my server is fairly heavy on progression, raid consumable’s or materials to create the consumables sell very well. So I’ll take my hunter out to either Stormpeaks for Mammoth meat or Borean Tundra for Rhino Meat. All the mobs are nice and packed together and respawn fast, so it’s easy to send Tupac (my gorilla) in thunderstomping to round them up… then I just throw down a exploding trap and volley to my hearts content. Loot, rinse, repeat. If no one else is interrupting your pulls, you can easily clear 1K gold an hour between the meat that drops and the vendor junk. More if you’re a skinner. But now we have a problem, called economics. Right now you have a bag full of meat you can put up in the AH for 30-40g per stack of 4 (I’ll get into selling in smaller units and odd numbers later). The problem is, if you put all your meat up at once.. some of it will sell initially, but the rest will just sit because of two reasons: 1. You have 30 auctions up for Rhino meat. No one else has any posted. The “perceived” value and demand for that meat is now lower because of the apparent availability of it. So instead we have to post in batches of 6-7 at a time and wait until they sell out. Not exactly instant cash. 2. You have 30 auctions up for Rhino Meat. Some will sell initially, but unless your lucky, someone else is going to see the percieved demand and go farm themselves a couple stacks of meat real quick, then undercut all your auctions. Either way theres a lot of work involved for a fairly minimal gain. It might take a week to get the gold together for that pair of Epic BOE Bracers sitting in the AH. Now from a gold buyers perspective, say I make 12 Dollars an hour. Right now I can head over to my friendly neighborhood gold seller ( and buy 1K gold for $5.85. The price may rise or fall depending on the gold market, but in general for my hour of work I can easily grab the 2k gold needed and not have to deal with the time it takes to farm and auction off mats. WoW GoldWoW Gold Gold Buying -1, Farming-0.