Many players are struggling to make gold in World of Warcraft then I can sympathise with you as the game has changed so much in the last 4 years and with the new Cataclysm update the way you make gold has changed a lot. It is called Cataclysmic WOW Gold Secrets and basically it is a gold guide that has been designed by one of the top WOW players and is fully updated for Cataclysm. Of course there has been a few gold guides out there over the years but this one seems different in the way that you get a full step by step guide including videos and step by step techniques to explode your gold balance in game. This is a wonderful guide WoW GoldWoW Goldwhich has already been getting a lot of attention and some awesome feedback as this means that even if you have no clue how to make gold you will get everything you need to dominate the game. Rubik’s cube difficulty – Heroics are hard… the first time through. After you learn the boss fights and the tricks to the trash, the heroics become insanely easy. They do definitely have a gear check requirement and are immensely fun when they still required CC to be used on every trash pull and when you can’t make any accidents at all on bosses. Note to Blizzard: please stop nerfing the heroic dungeons and Make sure that the majority of your group is comprised of people you know, otherwise you are looking at long downtimes and many wipes.thank you for your review.