Mages have to watch several things in a fight. In order to know what to watch for, you have to know how they fight. First, they fight with spells. They can carry daggers, staves and wands, but they are mostly for the stats, and if a Mage is forced down to the "hit it with a stick" level, he's pretty much dead. provides wow gold with fast transactions. Next, spells take mana. The more mana a Mage has, the more fire and brimstone he can rain down upon his enemies. And if you run out, run like you're getting attacked by skeletons, because you probably are. It's important that you don't get hit physically too much, because you're a paper class, and paper rips easy. They call Mages the glass cannons for a reason. They can take down an enemy faster than nearly any class if played right, but they can hit the ground dead real fast if you don't watch it. So to recap, make sure you have lots of mana and stay as far away as possible from the dudes you are killing. Getting gear with intellect buffs will give you a larger mana pool, and getting intellect enchants always helps. If you don't take on enemies too high, and only take one enemy at a time, it shouldn't be that big of a problem. Regular firebolts and frostbolts are all a beginner needs to kill things left and right.