You can find that the insane launch of "Cataclysm" is behind us, we can start to kick back and enjoy the new lands stretching out across Azeroth. Which leads me to an important question: Where do "World of WarCraft" pets come from?buy wow gold Like it being perched, it flying around in circles. Even though these pets are little more than window dressing for your character, people are obsessed with discovering rare ones. For example, Stockton worked a lot on Tol Barad, a PvP raid zone in "Cataclysm." "We requested a seagull from the character art team and my seagull came in. I got some basic animations on it. The origins of most of the pets in "WoW" are simple enough, as they are just modified versions of models already in the game. At that point I just requested a couple extra fun animations, WoW GoldWoW Gold so we have an animation of the seagull flying in a loop and we have an animation of it pecking around in the ended up looking so cool, once we got it from the character team."While killing monsters and forming raids is a common way to while away the hours in "World of WarCraft," many players opt for more peaceful pastimes. Blizzard has also taken to giving pets as door prizes for BlizzCon attendees and packing them into special editions of their games. I thought the seagull looked really great, so I wanted to make a pet out of it.For example, they collect non-combat pets. Cory Stockton, the lead content designer on the game, was more than happy to enlighten me on the process of how a pet is added to "WoW."They are my cute friends .