Blizzard announced that in some unknown date in the future, players will be able to switch the faction (Alliance or Horde) of their World of Warcraft characters. No other details are available yet, although they mention that parts of this change will be implemented and tested during future patch builds. WoW GoldWoW Gold I speculate these will be some of the details: * The switch will cost real life money. Probably at least $25 (the current cost for a name change or a server transfer.) * The “switch” will be available only on PvE and RP realms, except in the case of server transferring PvP characters. * If server transferring is involved, it will be an additional fee. * Players will be able to create a level 1 character of the desired race, gender, and looks on the intended faction, and then the character data will be copied over the level 1. Although I wonder what they mean by a “roughly equivalent character” - such language suggets Blizzard may force race choices based on the previous race/class, or not be able to properly transfer equipment, skills, talents, or other character-specific information. So, how many of you are planning on doing this? I have no plans to - although I could see a justified case of it in my own experience, it would probably end up being just as wasted of money as the money I spent on transferring characters to other servers a while ago.