Every bank alt should purchase the first four bag slots within their own personal banks. This will cost you a total of 36g10s, and require that you purchase actual bags to place in those slots. The more slots the bags can hold, WoW Gold , the more storage you will have. If you have a high level Tailor, then acquiring bags should cause you little trouble. 18-slot bags are relatively cheap these days, while 20-slot bags will cost you up to 100g per bag, depending on the server. You might want to try gathering the materials and soliciting a Tailor to make them for a tip instead. You can also visit Haris Pilton for a whopping 1200g 22-slot bag, or solicit a Tailor who is exalted with the Sons of Hodir for the equivalent Glacial Bag at a discount. First four slots of your personal bank: 36g10s + cost of bags. All bank alts should purchase these, at least. Now that you have some basic storage, it is time to expand. The last 3 bank slots will cost you 75g. Wowhead lists Glacial Bags as selling at auction, on average across servers, for 650g (actual cost will vary). Thus, it would cost you 2025g for 66 slots worth of space. The cost of all bank tabs, each outfitted with 22-slot Glacial Bags, would be 4661g10s. The total space gained would be the free 28 slots + 154 bag slots, for a total of 182. That is about 25g60s for each slot. The first two guild bank slots will cost you 350g in total, and would grant you 196 slots. That is a mere 1.78g per slot, with no buy wow gold need to purchase bags! The other bank tabs cost 500g, 1000g, 2500g and 5000g, respectively. Each tab offers 98 slots.