How to deal with WoW at level 80"? It sounds preposterous! So many times you'll hear, "the game STARTS at level 80!", or "I can't wait to get through the grind to 80". Lots of people expect that when they hit level 80, everything will "fall into place", they'll become all powerful, and birds will start to sing their names... Gear score is a mod which calculates how good a persons gear is so Cheap WoW Gold that raid and dungeon leaders can work out if they want you or not. Its sorta like high school all over again. If you aint in the coolest hottest monster bashing gear, then you're not allowed. This causes players to ask, if I haven't got the gear to do this dungeon, how do I get better gear? Much like job applicants who need experience to get a job, new level 80's need gear to do dungeons, but can't do the dungeons until their gear is good enough! This isn't 100% accurate however, If you'd like to hit him up for more WoW tips on leveling fast, be sure to visit