Many players want to know what's in it for the raiders and PVPers? Cataclysm comes packed with three high-end raiding zones for coordinated 10 and 25-man raids to take down, plus a special raid dungeon unlocked by defeating the opposing faction in a player-versus-player battle in the end-game zone of Tol Barad. The expansion also introduces two new level 85 PVP battlegrounds:WoW GoldWoW Gold the control-oriented Battle for Gilneas and Twin Peaks wow gold Sadly I am not currently a member of a raiding guild and did not hit level 85 - a requirement for the new PVP zones - so I could not partake of this content yet. you find you can't hit level 85? Because I'm a more casual type of player. I'm perfectly satisfied spending a couple of hours practicing Archaeology, the expansion's new profession that has players flying all over the map searching for artifacts that eventually unlock fabulous prizes. Or browsing the auction house to see what sorts of ridiculously powerful items players have started selling in the Cataclysm's wake. Hell, I'm sure I've wasted at least a half hour listening to the expansion's soundtrack, which has more character than many of the players I've enjoty it.