Do you want to buy wow gold ?The Shattering of the world by the reemergence of Deathwing has allowed for Blizzard to redo both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms to revitalize the game, while giving the player base another annoying boss to get excited about killing later in the expansion. It also afforded them with the ability to put forth several other changes, increasing the level cap to 85 and adding a few new zones including Vashj’ir, which is completely underwater. Goblins and Worgen were also added as playable races and several new race/class combinations. A unique profession, Archaeology, which requires one to farm endlessly for unique rewards, has also been added to the game, WoW Goldthat is cool. You can find that the Shattering was a good excuse for Blizzard to finally redo the entire world and fix awful questing zones that were almost entirely neglected by the community. The changes are gorgeous and make questing 100x more fun. Azshara used to be a bleak empty zone that would only contain one or two people farming for the azure whelping pet, or searching for the Azuergos world spawn back in the day. Now it supports a large Goblin population and many entertaining quests. Time is money, friend – Goblins are here and about time too. Worgen are also available. Being the two new races added in the expansion, they can be seen everywhere you look across Azeroth awaited by many players for a long time.