There is a bad news ,as the Path of the Titans has been completely removed from Cataclysm, because it was found to be just an upgrade on the glyph system and deemed useless. buy wow gold To fill that hole, there will be the addition of new tier, Medium Glyphs. Raid lockouts are getting completely revamped as you won’t be assigned a “raid id” anymore. 25man raids will also have the ability to “downshift” their raid into three 10man raids.WoW GoldIt allows you to join any raid in which there aren’t any bosses alive which you killed that week. You will encounter in Cataclysm will be The Bastion of Twilight, containing 5 boss fights and a 6th really difficult optional boss. Some of you old Warcraft II gamers may remember the new final boss Cho’gall, the ogre magi. A newly mentioned 5man named Vortex Pinnacle in Skywall, also containing a raid dungeon, will be similar to the Oculus where you have to fly between platforms. You will have to fight a djinn, storm dragon, and a lesser elemental lord as bosses in the Vortex Pinnacle. I bet all of those bosses summon minions or blizzard effects on the group.that'a all!